Bernie Fawcett Piano / Vocals

Jazz, Pop, Blues, Classics

About me

I am an English pianist/vocalist, playing the classics, jazz and blues, pop and soul.
I was born on the Wirral, an area just across the river Mersey from Liverpool, England.

Raised against a backdrop of this musical explosion of talent which took place so close to home in the 60’s, where I formed my own ambition to write and perform.
I have gained a professional reputation over the years, with a continuous search for perfection and craft. With journeys in far flung places, my writing, performances, and repertoire are a mix of cover songs and original material, which provides something for everyone. They are a unique blend of dreams and fervent hope.

My music and performances are a celebration of a good time for all involved, and as far as I am concerned, those include the most important people of all, you.